I went in for a service there a few months ago, but really enjoyed it. The spa has re-opened and it makes all the difference in the world! Trying to compare it to its older self, from what I've read, is like comparing Bikini Waxes to Manicures- not so much. The spa was decorated in soothing tones of blue, has an updated list of services and a new staff as well. I was lucky enough to receive a facial and massage from Lotika and let me tell you, she is no joke! A facial expert, she left my face in excellent and pristine condition, but I was surprised to find her massage skills as impressive as they were. I like a LOT of pressure, and Lotika did not disappoint. I didn't even have to ask for more- which is a usual occurrence for me. My visit ended with an eyebrow threading from Priya. It had been a while for my poor eyebrows and Priya gave them new life! Whether you've been to Pearl Spa before or not- GO! It will be like a NEW experience, regardless and you will love your treatments, like I did.

Erin W.
Jersey City, NJ


I had come to this spa for a massage over the summer and vowed never to come back after being in pain for days.

Fast forward to present day....

I happened to walk by yesterday and noticed they did a huge overhaul to the place. Being someone that has been known to believe in second chances in the relationship department, I figured why not give a business the same kind of respect?

Unlike when I give men second chances, this one actually worked out beautifully! The owner was so nice and the woman who did my facial was amazing. I was assured the lousy massage therapist from my first visit was no longer there, so for $75 bucks, I might actually come back for another massage.

Stephanie L.
Brooklyn, NY


Like others I had bought my massage deal through SpaSally and I was apprehensive about my massage after reading all the Yelp reviews but to my surprise, my experience was not like others before me.

Scheduling was not a problem at all - they were able to accommodate me last minute at a time I wanted, after work hours (they are actually open until 8pm)

The place was clean and nice - not spa-like but sufficient for a $25 massage. I had a robe, slippers, hangers, towels etc.

The masseuse was nice - she did her version of a Swedish massage and could have used more massage oil definitely.

They must have took the feedback of other Yelpers because it was not an unpleasant experience at all.

Thida S.
Flushing, NY


This place looks like it just got a serious renovation and it looks great! Very tranquil and relaxing. I got a microderm face and neck facial and loved every second of it. My skin is literally glowing! 75 minutes later I am relaxed and ready for my holiday parties! I'll definitely be back. Good prices too!

Rebekah O.
New York, NY


I was walking by this spa yesterday and was impressed with the look from outside so I decided to walk in and inquire about their services. The receptionist went over their services and I decided to go ahead and get threading and a chocolate facial. I was really surprised at the results, the room that I got my facial in was truly comforting and both the facial and threading was fantastic. I already made my next appointment and will be sure to pass along this great spa find in Greenvich Village.

Jessica M.
Addisleigh Park, NY


Bought a facial for my girlfriend - pretty cool spot- cool ideas too!

E X.
Manhattan, NY


I got a deal on a massage here through 25 Tuesdays. Great massage - the owner had to do the massage since her massage therapist didn't show up. Small place owned by an Indian lady who seems to know how to do facials really well. Will definitely get a facial here soon. (they have chocolate facials too)

K R.
New York, NY


I first visited back in August and I came back to NYC this past week, and made sure to pay a visit to the spa again... I got a different facial and a massage this time and again was very pleased with the service that I received. It was very relaxing from the moment I stepped in the door to the time I left. I stick behind my recommending this spa to anyone.

Melissa M.
Arlington, VA


I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time and the woman was very caring to make sure that it did not hurt. The whole place is beautifully renovated and I will definitely go back.

Tricia D.
Manhattan, NY


So from one of the coupon newsletters I'm signed up for, (campus clipper) they offered a 50% off chocolate facial. I was hesitant at first because, I mean isn't chocolate supposed to make you break out? I decided to give it a try anyway and OMG it was an wonderful experience! The staff was so friendly and I felt like it really cleaned my skin deep down. Not to mention it smelled AMAZING. Even without a coupon I'll definitely be coming back.

Laura B.
Manhattan, NY


i went in to get a simple facial since i was going to an important event that night, and had a lot of questions about facials bci'm not a regular. but the staff was super helpful and sweet and i'd definitely become a regular after this experience

ive had a couple facials before (many for more expensive) but this place not only has good prices, but amazing quality. she used over 10 different facial products that were super high quality and really took her time making sure it was working the way it was supposed to. anyone can easily tell she knew her stuff

im picky on 2 things: service and quality. this place gets 2 big thumbs up for that, and as a bonus it was affordable. kudos and see you soon!

G K.
New York, NY


It was short, only 30 minutes but my back looked and felt much better after. I felt comfortable and didn't want to live. I would highly recommended back exfoliation and more.



Excellent scalp treatment with warm oil from Priya. My head feels better already!



Facial was relaxing - owner who conducted the facial was very friendly.



WHATEVER YOU DO .. DO NOT GO HERE..  IT'S NOT EVEN WORTH $1..Sorry but this is THE worST place (spa) I have been to in all of NYC and I"ve tried many of all stripes.. I purchased three packages- planning to use one and give the others to my two daughters. I went with my 15-year old for the session- which was supposed to be a 60 minute facial- called by them either an Herbal Facial or a 24K Gold Facial --whatever that is?) a 45 spa pedicure anda 30 minute spa manicure. What a joke--on me! FAcial--Maybe the whole thing was 25 minutes- with 15 of it sitting with something on my face and them doing nothing. . My 15-year old.. why does she need a facial-- for extraction of pimples of course.. they did nothing of the kind and when I said something I was told extraction is not included in a 60 minute facial-- don't I know that a 24K Gold FAcial and an Herbal FAcial have nothing to do with extraction.. NO, I told them I really didn't.. For the pedicure- they only have free-standing little machine to put your feet in and barely any tools- luckily I brought many of my own-- but it was awful- nice young college student who I doubt has a license and definitely has virtually no experience..so that was terrible.. Who cares at this point about the manicure-- but it was really subpar too.. And the entire time the owner kept arguing and yelling at me.. Anyway, this experience for me and my daughter was a disaster-- i finally just said to her- we're out of here-And I literally ripped up and threw way the voucher I had bought for my older daughter's birthday.. though I would really like to get someone to just use it so they lose money on this.

Nov 18, 2011

LOVED IT! I am so happy to have found Pearl Spa! I went in a few weeks ago to get an acne facial to get my face clean and healthy since I started getting acne after having a few facials at another spa. I was concerned with the condition of my skin and explained the type of facial and products that were used in my last few facials. The esthetician at Pearl Spa told me that I was getting acne because the facial that the other spa recommended for me didn't suit my skin type. She really tried to understand the condition of my skin and customized the experience for me. She really knew her stuff. Once she was done with the facial, I IMMEDIATELY felt the difference!!! The products and techniques she used made the acne on my face almost disappear! I was reallyyy pleased with the result and haven't gotten any break outs since. She also gave me recommendations about caring for my skin in the future. She did a fantastic job. Reasonable pricing too.... I picked up the menu of services and am excited to go back.

Nov 17, 2011

As a first time eyebrow threader, I was very happy -- staff was courteous and respectful and the place was beautiful! I will be going back regularly for eyebrow threading and facials.

Sep 14, 2011

I heard about this place from 2 of my friends and was not let down! The facial I got was one of the best ever. I am going to come back once a month for a facial 

May 16, 2011