collage eye treatment
This is a great treatment to revive and refresh tired, lined eyes, it will shrink wrinkles and make the eyes look younger immediately. It is a separate treatment that can be added to any of the basic treatments.
back treatment
Exfoliation of back with enzymes/rice lily followed by relaxing of oil massage/treatment mask, increases circulation and revitalizes the skin texture.
head treatment with head massage
Pearl Head Treatment involves gentle massage to exfoliate the follicles and provide relaxation. Herbal oil relaxes the scalp and generates the heat to get rid of sagging skin.
hand treatment with exfoliation
Pearl Hand Treatment involves exfoliators that helps to remove the dead cells and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
face exfoliation
Regular face exfoliation is the best way to keep skin clear and healthy looking. Exfoliating is a skin treatment where the dead skin cells are sloughed off by a brush, sponge or by other means. Face exfoliation should be an integral part of skin care. Face Exfoliation removes the dead surface skin cells and oil that cause pored to plug and lead to problems like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne.
caviar dna treatment
Pearl Caviar treatment provides deep cleansing solution for tired and oily skin. It deeply repairs regenerates and nourishes mature skin.
  • Luxury wellness experience for the skin.
  • Iincreases the skin's moisture
  • Aanti-aging effect for dry skin.
  • Ssmoothes out imperfections in the skin.
  • Eevens out laughter lines.
  • Active care for sun-damaged skin.